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Our Values

Bachata, Salsa, Gothenburg, Our values

The mission of Caliente dance school is to make the people of Gothenburg and the rest of Sweden fall in love with dance in the same way that we have. 

We do not accept or tolerate any discrimination or inappropriate behavior in our space and Caliente crew members will not hesitate to act if any such actions is brought to our attention by our students.

A safer dance scene in  Gothenburg!

En trygg dansscen i Göteborg, Safe dancing scene Gothenburg

A safer dance scene in Gothenburg!

A Zero Vision "Nollvision" where all types of sexism, sexual harassment or other forms of abuse of power within the entire dance scene are counteracted.

We are already 13 dance organizations in Gothenburg that have signed this Zero Vision "Nollvision", based on a gathering of forces from different companies, associations and dancers.

From now on, we will work to implement this zero vision "Nollvision" and guidelines in our business.

Feel free to suggest more organisations about this initiative or contact us for more information.

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