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  • I have never danced before
    That is great, it is really nice to try new things. We have always different levels in our classes, from Beginners (Level 1) to more advance, styling and show teams
  • Which language do you speak at classes?
    We adapt us into the students in the class, it's usually in English since we have many international students, BUT our teachers speak English, Swedish and Spanish, so you can speak with us and ask us questions in the language you feel more comfortable
  • Do I need a dance partner?
    No, it is no necessary to bring and dance with a dance partner. We usually rotate during classes but we have also different couples that only want to dance with each other, and that is totally fine as well. You decide.
  • Can I try one class?
    Sure, in our Open House you can try out all our classes for free. If you are not sure about which level or style to take, just talk to one of our teachers, it is totally okey to change level and style. Just let us know. If you missed the Open House, it is okey to buy a drop-in to try it out, if you continue with the normal classes you we will reduce the price of that drop-in in the total cost.
  • What should I wear?
    It is totally up to you. But we would recommend you to have as comfortable clothes' as possible. Bring also a bottle of water. Remember that Caliente offers you different merch special for dance
  • How do I register?
    To register to our regular classes for the semester click here: To register to our different activities click here (Open House, Intensive classes, Bootcamps, Parties, Festivals, others):
  • Do I need to have a personnummer?
    No, it's not mandatory to give it. But due to our co-operation with Studiefrämjande you will be insured during our classes. Personal information will be handle according to Studieframjandet integrity policy. For more information about Studiefrämjandets integrity policy, please visit their website Studiefrämjandets integritetspolicy (
  • Can I have a discount?
    The more you dance the cheaper it will become, you save money if you get a bigger dance package. We have also a lot of different discounts and co-operations with different organizations , please take a look here and select the one it fits best for you:
  • What is Bachata?
    Bachata is a genre of music and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. It has its roots in the rural areas of the country and initially gained popularity in the working-class neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, the capital city. Bachata music is characterized by its distinctive guitar-based melodies, rhythmic percussion, and often features themes of love, heartbreak, and everyday life. Bachata dance, which evolved alongside the music, is a partner dance that incorporates hip movements and connections between the dancers. Over the years, bachata has gained international popularity, and its influence can be seen in various Latin American and global music and dance scenes. The genre has undergone transformations and modernizations, incorporating elements from other music styles, but it still retains its essential characteristics. Today, bachata is enjoyed by people around the world, both as a dance and as a musical genre.
  • What is Salsa?
    Salsa refers to a diverse and popular genre of dance music that originated in the Caribbean, particularly in Cuba and Puerto Rico. It incorporates elements from various musical styles, including Afro-Cuban rhythms, jazz, and other Latin American genres. Salsa music is known for its lively and energetic beats, syncopated percussion, and a wide range of instruments, such as the conga, bongo, timbales, and brass instruments. In addition to being a music genre, salsa is also a dance style that developed alongside the music. Salsa dancing is a partner dance that involves intricate footwork, spins, and dynamic movements. It is characterized by its quick, syncopated steps and the close connection between the dance partners. Salsa gained international popularity in the mid-20th century and has since become one of the most popular Latin dances worldwide. It has influenced and been influenced by various other dance styles and music genres, contributing to its dynamic and ever-evolving nature. Salsa is not only danced in social settings but is also performed on stage and in competitions, showcasing the skill and creativity of dancers.
  • How can I pay?
    We have different alternatives. Online: Card, Klarna, Paypal On class (First day): Swish, Card Other: E-passi, Bruce
  • How do I know that I have signed up correctly only?
    You will get a confirmation mail directly after you signed up. A new mail with information will be sent 3-4 days before classes start. If you are unsure just write to us on Instagram or E-mail.
  • Can I get Friskvårdsbidraget?
    Yes, if you take our regular classes.
  • Does the social dance/dance practice after class cost?
    No, this is free for all our students, for people outside the school it costs 50 SEK.
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