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Bachata Level 3

Take a look in our program for days and time

For dancers who are totally comfortable with basics and want more!

  • 1,400 Swedish kronor
  • Falkgatan 7, Gothenburg, Sweden

Class description

Bachata level 3 is designed for experienced dancers, who has taken Bachata Level 2 and have a strong foundation in the dance style. This course focuses on pushing the boundaries of technique, musicality, and creativity in Dominican Bachata. The course emphasizes the importance of styling and self-expression, encouraging students to infuse their own creativity into their dance. The course also delves into the nuances of musical interpretation, allowing dancers to express themselves through improvisation and musicality. Through challenging partner work, participants will refine their technique, enhance their connection with their partner, and elevate their overall dance abilities to an advanced level in Dominican Bachata.

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