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Salsa Level 1

Take a look in our program for days and time

Perfect for anyone with little to no prior experience in Salsa

  • 1,400 Swedish kronor
  • Falkgatan 7, Gothenburg, Sweden

Class description

The beginners course in Cuban Salsa is an introduction to the rich dance style originating from Cuba. Cuban Salsa, also know as Casino on Cuba draws from many different musical and artistic genres. The course focuses on teaching students the history and current contexto of salsa on Cuba, fundamental steps, basic partner connection and of Cuban body movement. Participants will learn the essential rhythms and footwork patterns of Cuban Salsa, as well as the popular social dance moves that make this style so enjoyable. Through a combination of partner work, group exercises, and guided practice, students will develop their coordination, timing, and ability to dance with partnerwork. This course is designed for students with little to no prior experience in Cuban Salsa, providing a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone to explore the rich Cuban culture with joy and respect.

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