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* These prices apply for the fall Semester 2023


One class is part of a program of 12 classes of 1 Hour per week during the whole semester. The prices are per Semester (1 class=12 session during one semester) .Notice that you also have the alternative to divide the payment in two parts during the semester. If you want to do so, please contact us. 

We want everyone to start dancing that is why we have different special discounts that can be used for you. Please select the DISCOUNT THAT IS APPLICABLE FOR YOU. Use the discount "CODE" during the registration and payment process in "Enter a coupon code"


Discounts valid for Fall Semester 2023, a discount can not be combined with other discount. 

Partnership and Colaboration

We want to facilitate everyone to start dancing, these are our current partners: 


Please visit out partners for more information

Do you want you company to start working with Caliente, please send us a mail to

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